DJ  Events open to the public


Date:  Saturday August 20

8:00-pm - midnight

Place: 5 West Pub Palmyra

The most fun Karaoke around!!! 

// GAMES we do custom games for your event

Game: 90's Bar Bingo


Where & when: Stay tuned!!

Say What?:Correct- 90's Bar Bingo...we mix in a game of 90's music bingo with 12 games of "regular" bingo and little 90's trivia ta boot!

What?: Karaoke


Where?: 5 West Palmyra

When?: Saturday July 30 8 pm

Perfect for any occasion. Break the ice at any party, banquet, fundraiser or corporate event. Our hosts take your shindig to the next level.

Game: Name That Tune


When & where: Your next event



Always a true test of one's musical knowledge, Name That Tune never disappoints.

Game: Any Game Show

When & where: Your next event



Pick a game show, we'll do it. Newlyweds, Wheel of Fortune, Who Wants To Be a Tendollarinaire! Perfect for birthday parties and reunions.